Top 8 Best Blogs To Follow About Real Estate

Real estate blogging is an increasingly popular way of learning more about the real estate industry and staying up-to-date with the latest news, trends and advice. As the field of real estate has become increasingly complex and competitive, it’s important to stay informed about what’s happening in the industry. The following is a list of the top 10 best blogs to follow about real estate, so you’ll always be in-the-know.

  1. BiggerPockets – With over 3.2 million members, BiggerPockets is the world’s largest real estate investing social network and blog. Featuring a variety of content such as investment tips, market research, news, and insight from leading industry professionals, it’s an essential source of information for real estate investors.
  2. Inman News – From the digital real estate news publication Inman, Inman News is one of the web’s most credible sources for real estate news. Covering topics such as technology, marketing, finance, and more, you’ll get an inside look at the stories shaping the industry each day.
  3. The Real Estate Blogger – The Real Estate Blogger is packed with high-quality posts about real estate industry trends, marketing ideas, advice for agents and investors, real estate tech, and much more.
  4. PropertyMogul – Founded by New York Times best-selling author, real estate mogul, and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran, PropertyMogul is an invaluable resource for real estate investors. You’ll find posts featuring interviews with top investors, personal reflections, advice and tips, and industry news written by Corcoran and her team.
  5. Rental Housing Journal – Rental Housing Journal is the go-to source for landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals looking for a comprehensive guide to managing rental properties. Featuring articles on everything from landlords’ rights to insurance and risk management, it’s an essential read for anyone in the business of renting out properties.
  6. ShareStates Blog – This blog is the official publication of Sharestates, a real estate crowdfunding platform connecting accredited investors and real estate entrepreneurs. It’s packed with information on the world of real estate investment, including market news, case studies, industry insights, and more.
  7. The Real Estate Tomato – Written by real estate investor, coach, and entrepreneur Brandon Turner, The Real Estate Tomato provides readers with actionable advice about real estate investing. Turner’s popular blog covers topics such as strategies for locating deals, managing investments, building wealth, and more.
  8. Realty Biz News – This industry blog covers the news, technology, trends, and legal aspects of the real estate market. It’s a great resource for staying informed about the latest developments.

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